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Apparently there was a minor earthquake in Canada right abve us, and people in Auburn (below Seattle) and Bellevue (a lil bit above seattle) said they felt it and that earthquake increases our chances of having one down here. I’m scared we are super over due for a big big big one like worse than the Nisqually or whatever that happened back in 2001. I’m definitely not ready to deal with that fuck maybe I should use my earthquake powers (I was born on the exact day of the Northridge earthquake in Cali) and make it go away lol

Jordan just randomly woke up and was tugging at my shorts saying “take em off before I rip them” like jfc dude calm down you’re not even awake… he gets crazy in his sleep sometimes I need to start recording it

So today I was walking thru the mall (well speed walking) bc I was almost late to work, and this guy who used to harass me at school insisted on following me to work. Him and his friend kept asking me for my number and I repeatedly told them no I have a boyfriend I don’t want to hang out with you, and they wouldn’t go away :( they followed me all the way into the store but I got away cause I ran to the break room. But besides that work was cute, Sam (the guy I had mentioned before that I met at work) told me all these qt lil things about how if he wasn’t gay he’d totally have a crush on me and that if he quits he wants to keep in touch and I’m just so glad I made a friend like him at work!!



we’re halfway thru april, u know what tht means?



I’ve always wanted to have a qt lil photoshoot inside a laundry mat who’s tryna make this happen