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  • obidou awh bb you are too sweet ♡♡♡♡♡♡

    It’s so weird my job doesn’t like my nose piercings but my streched ears are fine??? Idk maybe they just have a no facial piercing policy but still confused bc my ears look gross compared to my nose rings whatevs at least I don’t have to hide my ears and I can wear my hair up now

    Also the girl who always does my nails quietly asked how I lost so much weight and told me that I looked good which is always great to hear^-^ she’s known me for about 2 years so she saw the whole transformation, a lot of people who have known me for hella long always tell me that and for a while I ddidn’t get it but when I look back at old pictures I cringe and feel nauseous bc I was rrrllllllyyyy fat without even fully realizing it

    I want to cry I wasn’t able to eat at work so I ate a bunch before 8 to get my calorie intake atleast above 1000 and now I feel like I’m dying and huge and ugly why did I do that fuck

    louiedevillain:  Congrats on the job. Rest your feet smoke a bowl and just chill. Having your own money to buy things you want rocks.

    🙌 exactly! !