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snowbunny who likes to pop pills + siren that lures men to their death

ocean dweller | astrology princess | geology freak
sun ~ capricorn
moon ~ aries
rising ~ virgo

Its funny when you find people’s tumblrs that you sorta know (for instance, the girl who works at my tanning salon) bc you get to see who they “rly” are lol sometimes good sometimes not so good

Anonymous:  Do you realize astrology isn't real?

Do you realize that I do not give a flying fuck?


Girl Interrupted (1999)
escaping-this-reality:  Haha but it's salad!

It fucks your metabolism up so much to eat late especially before you go to bed :/

By the end of this year Jordan and I will be living in a house (with his cousin) and I couldn’t be more happy! That means I can actually get a kitty!!!!

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