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Just randomly remembered this story: I was hella drunk walking my friend to the bus stop from a party we were at (which I was gonna return to) and we got stopped by these random dudes that offered us a ride but I didn’t want to bc that would mean I’d have to ride back alone with these guys. I did it anyways bc I’m stupid when I’m drunk and the guys ended up being so fucking weird!! My friend kept alternating makeout sessions between the both of them (all the while one of them is fucking driving hella fast) and once we got to ballard they wanted to stop and get four lokos so I stayed in the car with one of the guys. Well this fucker decided to leave our friends in the gas station and sped off in the direction of the party I was at so like, ok cool I’m ready to go back to be with people I fucking know that aren’t ugly and creepy as fuck. On our way back he kept trying to shove his hand up my skirt but I would yell at him and push him away, which pissed him off and made him go from 30 mph to fucking 70 mph. once we got to the party my friends Cory and Darbie were outside waiting for me. I jumped out the car freaking out and when my friends heard what happened they went to go after this dude but he sped off. Well this guy was my friend’s neighbor and he lived in a duplex so later that night Cory Darbie and I decided to go key his car. Cory handed me this huge knife, I stuck it hella far into the door and dragged it from front to back and then we ran back. The next day Darbie and I are walking back to my house that was about 3 blocks away, and passed the guys house…….turns out I put a huge gash into his neighbor’s car and not his………. oops

My biggest goal in life is still saving enough money to buy a Nicki booty

Jordan got pretty drunk last night and started acting obnoxious as fuck so he left bc I was “being too mean” and slept who knows where only to come back in the morning to yell at me bc I said I was done dealing with his annoying antics he pulls when he’s too drunk. And apparently him being late to work is also my fault lmao he needs to figure his shit out. This is why we never drink bc he always gets drunker than I do (don’t ask why it’s always been that way. Even when we drink equal amounts) and I’m not nice enough to put up with his dumb ass shit. Which is kinda rude bc I used to get blacked out drunk and had to be carried home like a baby and he did it no questions asked. It doesn’t feel right having to take care of a grown ass man tho I have an excuse lol

I s2g if that crazy bitch shows up at my house I’m gonna freak out