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× Bone bonnets for the little girls
sleeping, and blue beds for their snapped
necks. ×

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Anonymous:  Would you ever uncensor your pics?


Anonymous:  That's understandable figured I'd throw you the suggestion is all

No worries

Anonymous:  We are okay with it! You have an amazing body! Just a thought you could always make a NSFW blog.

Nah bc I post those pix for my followers that’d be unfair to post it somewhere else.. I have over 1.5k followers it’d be way too hard to get them all to follow me on a diff blog

Ok I made my twitter again send me all yr usernames or follow me witchybabe206


strong pokemon team., no. use the cute ones

Might just have to remake my twitter bc that’s the only I got to talk to famous ppl ://

How do I tell Dom Kennedy that he needs to come to Seattle so I can put his dick in my mouth?? Sorry 2 Jordan and his girl but it’s gonna happen😋


i once said no to drugs but they didnt listen

I can hear my neighbor laughing at my sneezes 😱😲

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  • mecha-bun:

    id rather be vain than learn to hate myself again

    princessoforgasms:  wowowoOwow w just wanted to drop by and say i think you and your kitty are absolutely ADORABLE and i like ur blog a lot and. hope you have a day filled with pretty things and ice cream and sunshine!!!

    Awh thnx sweetpea😽

    freakscircus:  you are so pretty! what is your usual makeup routine? xoxoxo :*

    Awh I feel so honored hearing that from you!!
    Makeup routine: revlon photoready primer, liquid foundation and pressed powder, I use my fingers for the foundation instead of a brush, then I take this elf contour thing and use the bronzer only just below my cheek bones. I use a cheap brown eyebrown pencil to fill in my eyebrows, and for my eyes I used shadow insurance primer, the eyeshadow rly depends on what I want to do for that day, maybelline’s eyestudio gel liner and I alternate between the manga eyes mascara and the lash potion mascara. ~♡♡